2023 Paradigm 382RK

Fifth Wheel

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Floorplan of RV model 382RK

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Trailer Length

Finding campsites for trailers over 40ft can be more difficult at state and federal campgrounds. Many private campgrounds can accomodate that length, but longer sites tend to book up on busy weekends. A trailer this long can also be hard to park in smaller campgrounds.

Cargo Capacity

This trailer has the ability to carry enough weight for most full-time families, or lots of toys for weekend adventures.

Tow Vehicle Recommendations

Dually, and probably a diesel. Modern diesel 1 ton duallies are capable of towing far more than even the largest toy haulers. Possible trucks include the Ford F-350, Ram 3500, and GMC 3500. You may also want to consider the Ford F-450 and its superior turning radius.

Look inside the door frame for a sticker that lists the payload capacity. The vehicle needs to be able to carry the tongue weight of the trailer, passengers, and gear. For a driver, passenger, and gear, that means about 3,968 pounds.

Estimated Minimum Payload
Individual3,748 lbs
Couple3,968 lbs
Family4,328 lbs


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RV Specifications




Fifth Wheel



41ft 6in


13,343 lbs

Cargo Capacity

3,457 lbs

Max Weight (GVWR)

16,800 lbs

Freshwater Capacity

98 gal

Graywater Capacity

106 gal

Blackwater Capacity

106 gal

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